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<Canada western: vancouver, Victoria/whistler classic 4 day tour >

free airport transfer in vancouver; 

route: the essence view of vancouver city, Victoria or whistler one day tour, see the bustling city and the pure beauty of nature;

Vancouver four days tour

Banff four days tour


"Western Canada winter rocky mountain snow country four days tour >

15 people MINI group, economy hotel accommodation, free Calgary airport transfer, free banff hot spring;

route: banff national park, Yoho National Park, Lake Lois, ice walk canyon or explore bubble lake, optional extension trip;


<Vancouver and Winter Rocky Mountain Fairmont Tour>
 From Vancouver enters to Calgary for fun in Grand Garcia, visit VIA National Rail Sightseeing, stay 4 nights at Fairmont Series Hotel, 3 days free, Rich ice and snow activities to play down the mountain

Yellow knife 4 days tour


<Aurora hunt in winter, Yellow Knife happy aurora 4 day trip >

yellow knife town airport transfer, city and valley, tent in the valley, 3 nights in first nation's aurora village to view the aurora, it has 95% probability could see the aurora, yellow knife town explore

optional featured activity: ice fishing, dog sled, snowmobile

Western canada

9 days tour

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